|  July 2018  |

Our congratulations go to Fa. Fleischerei Könen in Saarburg on the opening of their meat processing factory.

AVANTAG Energy® installed a photovoltaic system with an output of 99 kWp on the new production hall. More than 65% of the solar energy produced there is used on site.

We would also like to congratulate the start-up company e.Go Mobile AG in Aachen, a producer of an electrically-powered mini car, the e.Go Life, on the official opening of the new production hall in Aachen with an area of almost 20,000 m². We were able to install a 750 kWp photovoltaic system, operated by STAWAG Energie as investor, on the roof of the production hall. The solar power produced here is intended to be used immediately by the company itself to the greatest possible extent, as soon as production has begun.

A second building phase with almost 750 kWp is to be carried out by AVANTAG Energy® at the beginning of 2019.

|  June 2018  |

The positive development in the industry in the first half of 2018 was also evident for Avantag Energy®.

In the first 6 months we were able to reach our targets installing photovoltaic roof-mounted systems with a total output of more than 4 MW in a number of different sites such as Leipzig, Hamburg, Eschweiler, Trier, Hermeskeil, Wesel, Frankfurt, Saarburg to mention but a few.

We were also able to intensify our cooperation with regional as well as national utility companies; meaning that we now work together with several energy suppliers to provide PV roof-mounted systems for trade and industrial customers.

|  March 2018  |

Press release on

AVANTAG Energy® and Krannich Solar build 238 kWp roof-top installation at the brewery.

The PV wholesaler Krannich Solar and AVANTAG Energy® s.à r.l., a project and concept developer for renewable energies based in Luxemburg, have built a 238 kWp roof-top system for the Bitburger Braugruppe (Bitburg Breweries), which began operating in 2017.

Now, every year on the roof of the brewery, 215, 000 kWh of solar energy is produced. This means the Bitburger Braugruppe is able to supply 10 % of the electricity it requires on site for administration from its own roof-top. This self-generated solar energy is a good 7 cent per kWh cheaper than the electricity purchased from public utility companies. With regards to the near 100% private consumption, the investment is not only sustainable but also pays for itself within a very short period of time.

Peter Schuth, technical director at AVANTAG Energy, describes the customer’s demands of the system: “AVANTAG as a general contractor, was solely reponsible for the whole project and supervised the entire contstruction from the planning all the way through to its turnkey on- site commissioning. The Bitburger Braugruppe had very high expectations as far as quality was concerned which, together in close cooperation with the responsible partners in the brewery, we were able to fulfill comprehensively. Work on the project was very trust-based with all parties involved and the same is true for the cooperation with Krannich Solar. We have been working with this qualified specialist wholesaler for a long time now, and they have supported us excellently with their professionality and reliability ensuring we are able to supply our customers optimally. The whole team is very customer-oriented - from its professional expertise right the way through to its flexible logistics.“

800 Jinko Eagle 270 poly solar panels and four Kaco blueplanet 50.OTL3 XL were used in the construction of the roof-top system. These were supplied by Krannich Solar. “The Jinko panels and the Kaco-inverters were ideal for this project,“ reports Peter Schuth. “We had already had positive experience with both brand-name manufacturers – not least in installations which we operate ourselves. Therefore, for this project,too they were an easy choice and ensure our customer solid quality and good returns.“

Frank Barthel, the reponsible field sales manager at Krannich Solar adds: “ We have a long-standing and successful partnership with AVANTAG and are proud to have been involved in this exciting project. The installation is an exemplary solution showing that PV pays off in the short term for medium-sized businesses. In this kind of project we are able to offer our full range of services - from market-leading products and sales expertise to technical, organisational, and logistical support. This way our customers can build efficient and reliable systems like this one.“


|  January 2018  |

Within the first few days of the new year AVANTAG already had well-filled order books.

Mertert, January 2018: The order volume for 2018 is already above that for the previous year.

Our well-established team of experts is optimally positioned to implement all projects to its usual high standards; from acquisition, planning and execution to commissioning and follow-up support.

Your contact partners for questions concerning all aspects o f the PV business:

Mr Alexander Frink Head of Project Management and Project Planning
– Authorized Officer –
Mr René Müller Head of Energy Electronics/Monitoring
Mr Tobias Müller Project Management and Project Planning
Mr Mathias Monzel Project Management and Project Planning
Mr Alexander Berhard Electrical Engineer for the field of Project Management
and Project Planning
Mr Tobias Schmidt Sales and Project Management
Mrs Marion Hansjosten Head of Merchandise Management and Accounting
Mrs Birgit Kirsch Internal Organisation
Directors Dr. Ulrich Rass, Dr. Christoph Rass and Peter Schuth – CTO –