Old Economy meets New Energies

Our management team combines decades of experience doing business in the "old economy" with years of technical expertise in the field of "new energies".

The two managing directors, Dr. Ulrich Rass and Dr. Christoph Rass, have many years of experience in leading mid-sized businesses in the steel and transport industries, while the technical director, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Peter Schuth, provides expert knowledge based on more than a decade of design and engineering in the area of renewable energy.

Starting in 2009, this combination has enabled us to build a good number of photovoltaic power plants on rooftops in Germany and Luxembourg, producing megawatts well in the two-digit range. We also gained many satisfied customers, mostly successful business owners.

Reliability, trust and stability, customer orientation and realistic assessments of possible returns are just as important to us as perfect plant design and profitability. To ensure your satisfaction as our customer.